Hello and welcome to SiRMarlon Photography, or as I like to call it "my little piece of the internet" Here you will find a small sample of my work, I am by no means a professional, this is afterall just a hobby for me. Something that I use to take my mind off of things when the world around me gets hectic. Like I stated, I do not consider myself a pro photographer, just somone who loves the art of taking pictures. I've been doing this for quite some time now so my photography skills have improved a bit since I started. The one thing about photography that I absolutely love, is the way that it truly opens your eyes. Once you start doing this, you quickly find yourself seeing everything in a different frame of mind. You find beauty where others don't...you find color where others just see black and white. It's too much to go into detail, but let me just tell you that once you pick up a camera and truly immerse yourself there is no turning back! 

Thank You for visiting, and I hope you come back! 

-Marlon R. Trujillo

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